Pip Pender is a British interdisciplinary artist and designer.

Having studied Visual communication he worked as a freelance Graphic Designer, before moving on to get a degree in Product Design from Minerva Academy of Art and Design in the Netherlands, where he specialised in creating conceptual and experiential interior design products along with dramatic sculptural installations.

Some of his works include,


The Umbrella Sink, The Explosion Proof Chandelier,

The Crisp Lamp and Weapon of Mass Distraction (seen above)

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"Thinking conceptually has always been a strength of mine. Im constantly questioning things and asking "why?". Finding new ways to tell stories has always been real a passion."

"Making is a very important part for me, Its very important to work practically and get my hands dirty. It keeps me on my toes, knowing that I am putting part of myself into whatever it is that I'm making."

"Doing the work is what drives me. I need to keep busy as it helps my creative process, and I get so much more done when I have a lot to do.



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