Pip Pender Artist and Designer

Pip Pender is a Scottish artist who moved to Hungary at the age of 16 where he studied Graphic Design and Visual Communication at the Visart Muvészeti Akadémia, Budapest.


After working as a freelance graphic designer on projects in Europe and the US, he went on to continue his studies in The Netherlands where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in Product Design at the Minerva Academy, Groningen. It was here where Pip developed and combined his skills and theories that would allow him to produce conceptual pieces varying from functional interior products to sculptural installations.

His work combines the philosophy of "Technological Disobedience" with the idea of "Mythological Thinking". These themes challenge people to shift their perspective and place them in "a new reality". An absurd reality where nothing does what it used to, and yet one can immediately connect with and interact with it in a new way.

His collection "re-thinking objects" is a study on the way in which we can re-imagine products in our daily lives and challenges us to change our mindset in order to maximise the full potential of objects and apply new functions and contexts.


Sustainability starts with sustainable thought and this is what Pip's products and artworks challenge the viewer to do.